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About Vector Focus: Vector Focus is more than just a blog; it’s your digital guide in the dynamic universe of Unity, directly accessible here:
In this blog, I share my 10 years of passionate developer experience to provide you with practical advice, advanced tips, and in-depth analyses.

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  2. Strategic Tips: Our guides are typically divided into two parts – a beginner’s section explaining the basics of a feature, followed by an advanced section demonstrating its use in a real context.
  3. Industry News: Stay informed about Unity updates and regularly emerging new features.

Example Page on Our Site:

Unity float to int presentationOn Unity, converting a float to an int might seem simple, but how should it be done:
              • To the smallest integer
              • To the largest integer
              • To the nearest integer


On our blog, you’ll find answers to each of these questions with clear examples, allowing you to accumulate all the knowledge necessary for mastering a topic:


Do you want to understand how to use InvokeRepeating? We walk through how to use it and gradually delve into how to improve it: moving from a very basic usage with not-so-attractive code design to advanced usage using Coroutines:


Here’s our philosophy on this blog: start from the beginning and then reach the peaks of a feature or topic!