Set your position data with a click

VectorFocus is a unity package which allows you to select the positions of your scriptable
objects and monobehaviours using a simple click on your scene.

Movement gameObject with Vector Focus


This package allows you to select the positions (vector2 and vector3) with or without array of your scriptable object and monobehaviour using a simple click on your scene.

It also has these features:

  • Preview your vectors on the scene via IMGUI.
  • Preview and associate values of your vectors using gameobjects.
  • Graphical modification of preview elements (change colors, shape, text size …).
  • ¬†Callback to control the preview system.

Easy usage

Add one attribute to your field and start using vectorFocus.


The preview of your vectors is customisable, by using the interface or with scripts.

Time saver

At the beginning we created vectorFocus to help us in the development of our games, it allowed us to save tens of hours in the placement of our characters, items...

Buy Vector Focus

Vector Focus is only available on the asset store